Designing is like a superpower

Every single person has a responsibility to reflect on their actions and the impact they have on society – in their direct surroundings and in a bigger context. Designers shape the world we live in in every aspect. We have the power to decide what your surroundings look like, what you wear, where you live, what you buy. We have the power to make you want something, focus your awareness on certain topics, give or withhold information and manipulate your opinion.

Sounds like a big responsibility? It is.

Design requires responsibility because it determines how the world looks like tomorrow. That’s why it is important to be aware of your influence and reflect on the impact of your work. Is it useful? Is it honest? Is it meaningful? Is it sustainable? Is it understandable? Is it inclusive? 

To learn more about my focus on design ethics check out the “Designers Code of Honor” i published on my blog or some of the other topics i tried to shine some light on.


Code of Honor

I have developed my own Graphic Design Code of Honor for ethic designing.