Curiosity about life in all of its aspects,

is the secret of great creative people.

Leo Burnett


Design is more than a logo.

Design is a strategy made visible.

Moira Cullen

Hello, it´s me, Christina!

I am a creative daydreamer. Sometimes I do crazy design stuff.
Although i can make you „that pretty picture“, my work is by far more than that.

Read more about me and my work and find out,
what it means to me, to be a designer.


New Blogposts

Code of Honor

Code of Honor

I have developed my own Graphic Design Code of Honor for ethic designing.
History of Design Manifests

History of Design Manifests

Design requires responsibility because it determines how the world looks like.
Language and Being

Language and Being

Become aware of the power and influence of the language we use every day.

Christina Dyck

What sets me apart is the right mix of a creative mind to develop ideas and a structured way of working to put them into practice.

I also try to walk through the world with attentive, curious eyes in everyday life and find unusual sources of inspiration and innovative ideas for new projects. I complement creative creativity with a structured and efficient approach. Through an analytical consideration of the individual customer and the task, I always have an overview, even with extensive projects, and can design a convincing end product.